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 "Even the smallest detail is important when planning such an important event as a wedding"

What exactly do I do: 

The offer I offer to couples is completely comprehensive. You can count on my help at every moment of organizing the wedding and reception, including:

Budget planning, preparation of schedules

When you decide to cooperate, you also receive personalized schedules and calendars from me, which effectively explain how the entire organization is distributed over time and when you should plan your next expenses.

Recommendation of the best service providers 

Dozens of foreign weddings have enabled me to build a list of reliable and top service providers, which I gladly share with my couples.



In addition to organizing the wedding itself and the wedding reception, I also help my couples in organizing appropriate transport, accommodation and transfer on site for themselves and their guests.


Official matters, translators, wedding celebrants and contracts with service providers - you don't have to worry about all this anymore, I take care of everything

Choosing places for the ceremony and reception

This is definitely the most exciting moment for couples, which makes them realize that the entire organization is gaining momentum and the wedding in their dream place is already at their fingertips.


I am also your support on site. In addition to visiting the registry office, if necessary, I am with you throughout your wedding day and will make sure that everything goes perfectly.


Make the wedding of your dreams become a reality

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