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Wedding in Italy

Discover the uniqueness of your wedding in Italy! Immerse yourself in the romantic charm of Italian landscapes, celebrate love in the magical surroundings of historical places and taste delicious dishes during a unique wedding reception. Trust me, we will make your wedding day unforgettable, surrounded by the style and elegance of Italian charm.


Plan your dream wedding in Italy and experience an unforgettable journey of love in one of the most charming countries in the world! Our company specializes in organizing weddings and receptions, combining elegance with Italian style to create a unique event that will reflect your love.



Start your marital adventure in the picturesque surroundings of historical monuments, overlooking stunning landscapes, where every corner exudes romance. Our experience and local knowledge will allow you to discover the most beautiful locations for a wedding ceremony and a unique wedding reception.


I will take care of every detail, adapting to your dreams and preferences. From a traditional ceremony to unique reception ideas, I assure you that every moment will be filled with magic and unique Italian charm.

Taste authentic Italian dishes prepared by talented chefs, enjoying regional flavors and aromas. Organize a party under the open sky, under the stars, to the sounds of Italian music, creating an atmosphere you will never forget.

Trust us so you can focus on each other and we will take care of the rest. A wedding in Italy is not just a ceremony, it is an experience that you will remember forever. Open a new chapter of your life together in Italy!

Top locations 


Villa Balbiano

san michele.jpeg

Villa San Michele


Villa Cetinale


Villa Balbianello

Borgo egnazia.jpeg

Borgo Egnazia


Villa Cimbrone


Villa Gamberaia


Villa Le Fontanelle


Isola Del Garda

san domenico.jpeg

Masseria San Domenico


Villa Treville 


Grand Hotel Timeo


Villa Di Lilliano


Grand Hotel Convento

Villa De Grecis

Find your dream place to organize a wedding and reception with my help. After establishing cooperation, you receive a much larger list from me with suggested places, so we are not limited to the above locations. 

Together we will make your dreams come true

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