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Kind words from couples

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Angelika i Norbert

The best wedding planner you can find.

Patrycja organized a wedding for us within 5 months, in Tuscany, in August, with our various original ideas and high expectations. Additionally, apart from the wedding itself, she helped us organize the entire trip, including booking cars and choosing and booking a restaurant for dinner on the remaining days. Throughout the entire period of cooperation, we felt fully listened to and understood. Patrycja answered all our questions, dispelled all our doubts and allowed us to enjoy the wedding preparations. When we needed support, she supported us like a best friend, and when we needed to make a decision quickly, she motivated us. In the last moments of preparations, she was available 24/7. We didn't feel judged by Patrycja, and despite our various unconventional ideas, she didn't discourage us from them. Thanks to Patrycja, we could make our deepest wedding dreams come true.

I think that the fact that both we and our guests remember our wedding as something magical, even mystical, speaks for itself.

Once again, thank you very much for your cooperation, during which we felt so well taken care of.

Patrycja was calm even when it turned out that neither of us had a phone (including navigation) when returning from the photo session, which is why Patrycja was driving ahead of us so that we could get to the wedding. She also remained calm (which made us feel calm) when it was raining in the garden in Tuscany before dinner. She is truly amazing.

Thank you


Karolina i Piotr

As a total control freak and a super organized person, after admitting to myself that I needed help organizing the wedding, it was difficult for me to find a person who would understand our specific needs and meet our requirements, but it worked out perfectly! Individual approach, great contact, offer tailored to customer needs and flawless implementation of all our ideas! Thanks to Patrycja, the wedding abroad was stress-free and everything turned out perfect!


Justyna i Tomasz

The right person in the right place. I have just had a wedding organized by Patrycja and I know that I couldn't have done it better myself. Individual approach, constant contact, professional advice, I could go on and on
For my part, I can promise that I will recommend you further, because it is really worth putting myself in your hands and we thank you very much for our ceremony ❤️

Marlena i Stanisław

Patrycja organized our wedding on the most beautiful Greek island - Santorini! We felt cared for from the very beginning and we had a great contact with the organizer. All our requirements were met, and it was not an easy matter because we traveled with a group of 13 people. We had flights, a hotel and a celebration with dinner organized.

If anyone has any doubts, we sincerely recommend organizing a wedding in Santorini. With Patrycja nothing is impossible :)


Julia i Michał

If you dream of getting married abroad and you don't know where to start and how to organize it, Patrycja will help you and do it in the perfect way so that you don't have to worry about anything ✨
Great organization, communication, resourcefulness! You will be delighted!
We recommend it wholeheartedly❤️

Nina i Łukasz


On September 2, 2021, we had our holiday organized less than half a year earlier and Patrycja met all our expectations. We couldn't ask for more. Constant contact, factual but very pleasant. Full understanding, nothing was impossible! everything was perfect, Patrycja took care of everything so that we had peace of mind and could only focus on ourselves and that was what it was all about

and this weather to order!

Thank you, dear, for everything


Karolina i Mikołaj

Patrycja organized our wedding in Zielona Park in the Dance Circle. We recommend it wholeheartedly 😀 we couldn't even dream of such beautiful scenery. Full professionalism and commitment.

Aleksandra i Patryk 

Collaborating with Patrycja was the best decision we could make regarding the organization of our wedding. Patrycja took care of all the details so that on the wedding day we could focus only on ourselves and having fun. Full professionalism, constant contact at every stage of organization. Patrycja is a very nice person who was also able to listen and support us with kind words. There are no words to describe how much support she was for us.

Thank you for everything, because without your help our day would certainly not be so beautiful

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