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Wedding abroad

Do you dream of a wedding in charming Italy or atmospheric Greece? Nothing stands in the way of making your dreams come true! 

You are terrified by the prospect of dealing with all official matters, booking flights and accommodation, and how to even start planning a wedding abroad?

I have been specializing in weddings abroad for several years, especially in Italy, Greece and Cyprus, so what might be a challenge for you is an everyday occurrence for me. 

When planning your wedding abroad, I combine experience in wedding organization with experience in travel planning - a perfect mix that makes you forget about all stress :) 

I organize civil weddings in:

·    Greece

·    Italy 

·    in Malta 

·    in Cyprus

·    Turkey

And symbolic weddings wherever you wantyou dream :)

Where do I mainly organize weddings:


Lake Como
and surroundings



Toskania i Umbria

Tuscany and Umbria


and Sardinia

Amalfi Coast







What does our cooperation look like?

Many couples often believe that organizing a wedding abroad is completely beyond their capabilities. Meanwhile, a beautiful wedding with a view of the ocean can cost the same as a traditional wedding in Poland. 

With my help, you can find your dream place for a wedding and wedding reception abroad!

What does our cooperation look like in practice?

After sending your inquiry, you will receive an offer tailored to your needs. If you have any questions or would simply like to get to know me before starting cooperation, we can arrange a meeting where you will have the opportunity to ask about any issues related to our cooperation.

The next step is to establish all the conditions and sign the contract. And it is from this moment that everything gains momentum! 

We usually start the organization by selecting the approximate date of your wedding, I check the availability and costs of flights for you. I am presenting various offers of ceremony places and accommodation for you and any guests. I supervise contact with all companies and the contracts you sign. I organize everything you need on site - from transport, through ordering a cake, arranging the menu with the restaurant, make-up artist, hairdresser, photographer, etc. You also don't have to worry about any documents, it's up to me to book an appointment at the Civil Registry Office, contact them and provide the appropriate documents, as well as organize translators - if necessary. 


When everything is carefully planned, all we can do is wait for your big day! After arriving at the venue, you can also count on my help, I am usually there about 1/2 day before the wedding, during the wedding and the day after. So your only concern is to relax and enjoy this special day! 


Together we will organize your dream wedding abroad!

What exactly do I do: 

The offer I offer to couples is completely comprehensive. You can count on my help at every moment of organizing the wedding and reception, including:

Budget planning, preparation of schedules

When you decide to cooperate, you also receive personalized schedules and calendars from me, which effectively explain how the entire organization is distributed over time and when you should plan your next expenses.

Recommendation of the best service providers 

Dozens of foreign weddings have enabled me to build a list of reliable and top service providers, which I gladly share with my couples.



In addition to organizing the wedding itself and the wedding reception, I also help my couples in organizing appropriate transport, accommodation and transfer on site for themselves and their guests.


Official matters, translators, wedding celebrants and contracts with service providers - you don't have to worry about all this anymore, I take care of everything

Choosing places for the ceremony and reception

This is definitely the most exciting moment for couples, which makes them realize that the entire organization is gaining momentum and the wedding in their dream place is already at their fingertips.


I am also your support on site. In addition to visiting the registry office, if necessary, I am with you throughout your wedding day and will make sure that everything goes perfectly.


Frequently asked questions by couples 

  • Are there packages available for specific countries/regions?

I don't work with predetermined packages. I obtain all proposals and offers individually for each couple, because each couple also has different expectations, requirements and ideas. This allows the engaged couple to plan the entire trip and wedding for themselves. They have no decisions imposed on them.


  • Can we choose our own service providers?

Of course! The final decision always rests with the couple. Of course, as a wedding planner, I have my proven service providers, but I do not impose them in any way. I am open to all your suggestions


  • Do we have to book accommodation and flights for guests ourselves?

Definitely not! If you decide on a comprehensive service, you can count on my help in these matters as well. It also makes no difference to me whether we book accommodation only for 2/3 nights or for a week


  • How many months in advance should we start organizing?

The most optimal time is about a year in advance or more. However, each month beyond this time is a plus for the couple because they have more freedom in choosing. The minimum time is about 6 months in advance, but this is the time when the couple must take into account that not every place and date will be available

  • How early should we be there?

Typically, as the bride and groom, you have to be there about 2/3 days before the ceremony. In this case, everything depends on the country in which you decided to get married


  • How much does a wedding abroad cost?

This is definitely one of the most frequently asked questions to which there is no clear answer. Just like in Poland, it all depends on the place you choose and what you really want to organize there. An important factor, in terms of budget, when planning a wedding abroad is the cost of airfare and accommodation for your guests. If you decide to cover this cost, the entire budget must be significantly larger, because it is one of the largest costs of a wedding abroad


Let's create the wedding of your dreams together! 

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